Investing in Real Estate: Your Trusted Partner

Are you considering real estate investment in 2021? This could be the perfect year to purchase a rental property, a vacation home, or venture into house flipping. We are here to help you find the ideal investment property, and to ensure you get the best returns on your investment, we have compiled a list of essential tips. With our seasoned guidance and extensive market knowledge, you can rest assured that we will simplify the process, providing you with the information and support necessary to make well-informed decisions. Let us join forces to identify the perfect investment property that aligns with your goals and financial objectives, and embark on a remarkable journey of wealth building and personal fulfillment in the world of real estate.


Finding the Right Investment Property

First, determine the type of investment property that aligns with your goals and preferences. If you are eyeing a rental property, such as a vacation condo or rental home, factor in the time required for maintenance, managing rental listings, and vetting tenants. For rental homes, prioritize areas that attract tenants due to their proximity to business centers, transportation hubs, and good school districts.

If a family vacation property is more appealing, carefully review all rules and regulations related to property ownership and guest stays. Ensure that any plans to rent out the property when not in use comply with local regulations. Additionally, choose a vacation destination that your family genuinely enjoys to make the investment worthwhile.

Do's for Real Estate Investment

  • Do aim for at least a 15% return on investment.

  • Do look for homes priced in the low end of the median price range.

  • Do consider 3-bedroom, 2-bath single-family homes for rentals or flipping.

  • Do focus on one neighborhood or area.

  • Do purchase rental properties close to your home if you plan to manage them yourself.

  • Do use one real estate agent for all your buying and selling needs.



Don'ts for Real Estate Investment

  • Don't purchase a second property until the first is earning revenue.

  • Don't buy properties that you wouldn't want to manage, even if you plan to use a property manager.

  • Don't buy a property you cannot afford to carry for several months in case of a slow market.

  • Don't buy a home or condo without having inspections performed.

  • Don't buy without title insurance.

  • Don't buy more properties than you can manage.

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